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2018  NEWS...

Next Show:

FRIDAY - MAY 4th. 2018  - Vertigo Blue TM

in Houston, TX. - details coming soon!

A BIG THANK YOU to Coast To Coast A.M. for featuring Vertigo Blue in their Emerging Artists and picking up the song TUNDRA from the Area 51 album for bumper music: Visit Coast to Coast A.M. --click on Coast To Coast!


Thanks to everyone who attended the show at Notsuoh - in Houston, TX. on Saturday - January 20th! Also thanks to Notsuoh and Easy Credit Group! More shows coming soon and in the meantime - I am heading back into the studio to continue working on the next album. 

Also a thank you to Houston's Mix 96.5 FM, CBS and all sites who had picked up the listing for the January 20th. event - NAM, Vertigo Blue TM, Carpoolparty at Notsuoh - Houston, TX.

-Mike (Vertigo Blue TM)


Much Thanks to all who attended the Harvey Electronic Benefit Concert on Saturday, September 9th 2017 and the Notsuoh Halloween Party on Saturday, October 28th. 2017 located at the Notsuoh venue in Houston, Texas


Meanwhile and in Between -

Vertigo Blue is back in the studio working on new music / compositions and the next album.

Be sure to check out the album - Abstract 1-10 by Vertigo Blue TM at the Vertigo Blue TM Bandcamp page!

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Thank you much - from Vertigo Blue:

AREA 51 was recently listed on the Top Selling Indie albums... THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who support what I do as Vertigo Blue! -Mike (VB)


WHERE TO  hear and get MUSIC:

Vertigo Blue TM - Albums, EPs and singles are available at most internet music digital download stores wordwide including..., I Tunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora, Rhapsody and many more... including at...

Be sure to check out Vertigo Blue TM on i heart radio!

The new instrumental album "Abstract 1 - 10" is available... click on this: Vertigo Blue TM Bandcamp page

Vertigo Blue TM    Music Releases:

Albums: Area 51, Evolution, Abstract 1-10

EPs: To The Future, Apollo 13

Singles: From Another World, 1983,  Raven In The Snow, Abstract 10

Be sure to tune into Vertigo Blue TM at YouTube and streaming locations including Spotify, TIDAL, i heart radio and many others! 



Synthesizer and vocal driven music - who's original style clash between Electropop and Electronica.

Michael Naus Jr., who goes by the name Vertigo Blue is a Texas based Composer. His original compositions have been used on radio, club, film, Corporate and Government business including being featured as bumper music on the nightime radio program Coast To Coast A.M. Three of his songs, Glowing In Black Mist, Intensity and On My Own, were featured in READ ON, a 2006 independent film by Jeff Faulkinbury. 

Aside from his music releases, Vertigo Blue TM has performed around 500 shows throughout the United States including performing in an opening role for Nitzer Ebb, Peter Murphy (of Bauhaus), The Georgia Satellites, John Lefler (of Dashboard Confessional), Bad Manners, Technical Itch, The Azoic and sharing the lineup at Comicpalooza (2015) with Big Data at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

It all began in 1996, when Vertigo Blue as a trio had landed their song, "Christmas Day" on a Holiday compilation album, "CatClaus 96" released by the synthpop network titled Control-Alt-Delete. The network included synthpop bands: Information Society, Anything Box, Channel 69 and a few others. That year, Colin Travis and Stacey Quebodeaux teamed up with Mike to release the song, "Christmas Day". After completion, Colin and Stacey returned to their other music projects. Mike continued as Vertigo Blue in a solo role initially composing experimental Electronica and signed with the Ultra Trec Records label in 1998 releasing and EP titled, "To The Future". Other of his compositions found their way onto numerous Electronica compilation albums. In 2001 Mike started his own record label, Ozmotic Records which would continue to be the home label for Vertigo Blue TM.

Vertigo Blue TM music releases are found in both physical and digital format which include albums: Area 51, Evolution, Apollo 13 (EP) and singles including 1983, Red Horizon, Raven In The Snow and From Another World. These music releases are available at many online music locations including i Tunes, Amazon, beatsmusic, Tidal, Bandcamp and can be heard at MTV artists beta, I Heart Radio, YouTube and at many online digital music streaming locations.

With quite a few years of working with synthesizers as well as conducting business as the artist Vertigo Blue TM, Mike has had the honor to be a Guest Speaker at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas and also at Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas presenting a panel discussion on Creating Music with Synthesizers.

Vertigo Blue TM - Michael Naus Jr.'s compositions are on file and represented by BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.). A catalog of instrumental and vocal based compositions are available for film, television and commercial use.

Vertigo Blue TM continues to create synthesizer driven electronic music with plans for future music releases.

 For inquiries / contact  -

Vertigo Blue TM  Management:

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