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REWIND the NEW ALBUM by Vertigo Blue TM - AVAILABLE NOW!  ...on the Vertigo Blue TM Bandcamp page and most online Worldwide music streaming platforms including Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora, YouTube and many more!

Vertigo Blue  Albums, EPs and Singles listed as the artist... Vertigo Blue TM are available on most WORLDWIDE online music digital download and Streaming locations including Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and more!  Be sure to visit Vertigo Blue TM YouTube channel and on iHeartRADIO  (All Vertigo Blue TM albums including Concept Albums, EPs and Singles are available for digital download at the Vertigo Blue TM Bandcamp page).


Most Recent Releases (2022 - 2023):


REWIND (album)

DUSK (album)


Where Will You Go? (single)

Alien Vision (single)

Abstract Two (single from the Abstract 1-10 Concept Album)

It's Not The End Of The World (single)

Endless Voyage (single)

EnVogue (Speaking to E.T.)  (single)

Ecstasy (Revamped)   (single)


WE Records Release (2002) and also in digital on the Vertigo Blue Area 51 album (2005 Ozmotic Records Release):

Dance All Night

by Djmmj vs. Vertigo Blue

Christmas / Holiday Tracks by Vertigo Blue TM:  O Holy Night and Christmas Day are available for digital download at the Vertigo Blue TM Bandcamp page 

 Vertigo Blue TM is an independent recording artist.

Label or Artist inquiries via email are welcome at


(Established in 2001) U.S. based independent record label spearheaded by Michael Naus Jr. near Houston, Texas. The label was created to push Vertigo Blue TM  ( aka Vertigo Blue ) and any of his own releases. Formats include Electropop, Synth Pop, Electronica, Electro, Eclectic, Alternative, Ambient, Downtempo.

Vertigo Blue TM  Releases: 2005 LP Release titled Area 51, 2011 LP Release Evolution, 2013 Singles Raven In The Snow, Red Horizon and Ecstasy - 2015: Abstract 1 - 10 LP, 2022 DUSK LP, 2023 REWIND LP. Ozmotic Records currently handles music distribution though it's many online outlets.  Ozmotic Records is not currently seeking other artists or demos.

 All music and photos on this website Copyright 2024 Michael Naus Jr., Ozmotic Records

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